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Available Course Overview

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt with Intro to Supply Chain

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Learning Objectives

Understanding of basic supply chain terms, equipment, and work process flow

Introduction to the concepts of Lean management

Be able to identify and quantify supply chain wastes

Topics Covered

Global Supply Chain
Distribution Center and Warehouse processes
Material Handling equipment types
Modes of Transportation
Communication and Decision making
Just in Time
Information and product flow
Supply Chain Quality
 Lean Problem Solving Tools

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Courses

This course provides a broad overview of the global supply chain and an understanding of the Lean Quality methodology. The course is intended to prepare students for entry level opportunities in the growing supply chain field.

Session 1 (90min) Global Supply Chain Overview and Distribution Centers

Session 2 (90min) Material handling equipment types and transportation processes

Session 3 (90min) Workplace structures, decision making, systems, and quality

Session 4 (90min) Self paced Lean Yellow Belt Training + One-hour discussion

Session 5 (90min) Self paced Lean Yellow Belt Training + One-hour discussion

Session 6 (90min) Self paced Yellow Belt Training Completion and Knowledge Check